Actresses Queen Nwokoye And Destiny Etiko Educate The Seeker Who Says Their Grammar Is Wrong

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Actress Destiny Etiko shared a photo with fellow actress Queen Nwokoye and a follower decided to shame them for what he thought was bad English on their part but he was wrong and both actresses called him out for it.

Destiny captioned her photo: “On the set of professor johnbull wit my beautiful and outstanding actor @queennwokoye ?????? ”

A follower, Chukwuemeka Emmanuel thought it was wrong to refer to females as actor so he called Destiny out, writing: “@destinyetiko what a shame the female are regarded as actress while actor is for the male.”

But Destiny and Queen Nwokoye were not having it so they schooled him. Others also called him out in the comments.

Queen wrote: “@thompson_emmy pls that is not true. Actor can be used for both sexes. And you can actually say your mind without being rude.”

Destiny wrote: “U are the one who is shameless bcos you don’t even know what actor means it can be use for both so my dear kindly receive sense @thompson_emmy ??”