Edo State Speaker Escapes Assassination Attempt

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The Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr. Justin Okonoboh, on Friday evening, got away from a death coup at Igueben Local Government Area of the state.
Honorable Okonoboh, elected on the stage of the All Progressives Congress, made this known when he advised columnists in Benin on Saturday.
He expressed gratitude toward his reinforcement driver for sparing him from the professional killers. Okonoboh said he was en route from his electorate on Friday, when the episode happened.
He said he had gone to settle some land issues, when his associate in the escort van let him know on the telephone that he ought to be on the caution in light of the fact that a Toyota Camry was tailing them.

“When we looked back, the car was behind my backup Hilux van. The Camry wanted to overtake the Hilux to block me but the driver did not allow them. The Toyota Camry struggled with the Hilux for about five kilometres and they almost crashed but did not give up. The policemen inside the Hilux van fired a shot into the air to scare them but that did not deter them as they kept chasing us. It happened around Ugbegun-Nebudin-Ujogba Road. It was when we got to the Benin-Auchi Expressway that they waved their hands to us a warning. I do not know whether they are armed robbers or kidnappers but I know that only assassins would behave the way the men did. My security aides inside the Hilux said the men were armed. I have enough security aides attached to me but the challenge is that there are no vehicles to convey them when I am travelling,” he explained. Okonoboh said he had reported the matter to the commissioner of police”.

Some of the rumor we had is that, the speaker had refused to develop his area and his people since his inception in the office. and this is not going down well with some youths in that region. however some insisted that it is a mere political move from his opponent.

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