Finally Police Arrest Man Who Killed His Wife For Committing Adultery- Saharacable

Niger state police command has arrested one 25-year-old Bello Muhe for killing his 25-year-old wife, Husse Ali, because she committed adultery.

It was reported that this man had previously sent his wife back to her parents house when he caught her cheating but she still continued sleeping with various men even at her parents home. He took her back after much pleading but she still continued in her ways,

Bala narrated how he killed her to Northern City news saying, ‘I used machete to kill her for refusing to adhere to my instruction. I told her to desist from sleeping around with other men but she disobeyed me and I blew my top and killed her. My wife was stubborn, I sat her down and told her the implications of what she was doing, she ignored me and she had to pay the price.’.

The spokesperson of the Niger state police command, Muhammad Abubakar has confirmed this incident stating that Bala has been charged to court.

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