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The convoy of the Niger State Governor, Abubakar Sani Bello, on Tuesday beat up a father of three for taking them on video when they pushed his car off the Minna-Suleja road.

Kamsobife Chucks told journalists at the IBB Pen House in Minna that the police escorts attached to the governor’s convoy used the butts of their guns to hit and beat him to pulp.

Chucks, whose eyes were still swollen when he spoke with journalists, said the swollen eyes were caused by the manhandling and slaps landed on his face by the policemen.

He said: “I was driving the family car on the Suleja – Minna road on our way to Minna at 4:30 p.m. when we saw the first escort of the governor’s convoy.

They said we should leave the road, we obeyed and parked. But because that portion of the road is very bad with deep ditch, I stopped to allow them pass.

However, the third vehicle on the convoy, a Prado Jeep hit us by the driver’s door and tried to push us off the road.

“I am sure the policemen saw me taking videos and pictures of the incident and they laid ambush for us at Gurara junction. They forced us to stop and forced me

out of the car. They descended on me with their boots and butts of guns.

“While the children were crying inside the car, they forced me to unlock the phone before seizing it and ordered me to drive away as they deleted the pictures.

They met me again along the road, gave me more slaps before returning the phone to me.”

When asked what governor Bello did about his assault, the victim said the governor was not in the convoy.

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