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On Thursday, one Olalekan Babalola urged an Agege Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his 13-year-old marriage because his wife, Olushola Babalola, is adulterous and deceitful.

Olalekan filed a divorce suit against his wife, Olushola, accusing her of infidelity. He told the court that she packed out of their matrimonial home to join another man.

“Although, l cannot force my wife to come back home, l do not want my children to grow in a separated home. “I called my wife on phone and told her that I was not begging her to come back home, but she should at least check on the children. “Instead, my wife told me that she would not come to the house, that I should bring the children to her or forget about it,” he said.

Olalekan also said that he found out after some years that Olushola had given birth to two other children before he met her although, one of them had died.

He said; “She claimed that the other child was her sister’s own but l found out later that she owned the child and she did not deny it. “I was heartbroken and it affected my health and job.”

Olushola, told the court to dissolve the marriage because her husband has insulted her. “My husband said that only the fools bother to legalise their marriages. “My husband takes delight in insulting me at anytime, saying that l am frivolous and adulterous. “I am tired of this union and l prayed the court to separate us so that we go our different ways peacefully without any form of threat,” she said.

Mrs Ibironke Elabor who is the court President adjourned the case until September 4th for alternative dispute resolution.

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