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Nowadays, we live in a world where the status of some people on the Internet can have more significance than what’s happening in the real world. With this we most often try to evaluate someone’s life based on the photographs that appear on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snap Chat page and what they write about themselves. And most of the time, we are always wrong in our judgments.
This piece is about the fascinating reasons why most happy Nigerian couples don’t post their entire lives online, and it is really worth sharing with you here on Nairaland.

If everything’s going well in a person’s life and relationship he/she shouldn’t just see any sense in wasting time writing posts online to prove this fact to others. It’s not that you should never take photos or check your social media feeds, but your relationship with your partner should make you so happy that you need not to be distracted by making other people know how happy you are. It is just as if you stumble on a big box of diamond, would you want to share it with others? If you really find true happiness with someone, you would treat it cautiously.
Any couple that parades their relationship problems online for all to see will gain nothing from it.

You’ll gain nothing from posting evidence of how happy you are on your social media pages.

You don’t need to show people that you are happy, it should be obvious and they should discover by themselves. The joy is to be found in being together, not in posting about being together. For people who understand this, constantly posting on social media has little appeal.

No one has to prove anything to anyone

People who are in a truly happy relationship don’t have any interest in using each other to prove how happy they are to others. Happiness in relationship is different from portrayal of happiness in movie scenes where you are expected to make your viewers believe what does not exist. In true life, it doesn’t work that way, don’t deceive yourself, the most important person you need to show your love to is your partner and not your fans, family and friends on social media. Most times, many couples give their utmost attention to social media at the expense of their primary reponsibility. Majority of the instances of failed marriages in Nigeria today is usually as a matter of a partner trying hard to impress other people about a relationship which he/she does not give adequate attention to.

And the most important thing…

Researchers have found that those who don’t use social media are on the whole happier than those who do because they don’t constantly compare themselves with their colleagues and friends — all of whom always appear to be somehow better or happier. We too often forget that all that matters are our real lives, our relationships, our experiences, and our feelings — and not the endless search for popularity online.
This article is written to sensitize the potential couples, newly married couples and mature couples about the menace of the use of social media in publicizing our relationship to others. We have had a lot of failed marriages in Nigeria this year, please don’t be the next victim.

This article is written by @kurlarday, Kolade Abel Akinyele; a researcher and writer at Thinking Media Limited.

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