Must Read; See How CUPS Comes For DG SSS, Lawal Daura

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The leadership of citizen united for peace and stability have once again come for the director general of the state security service (SSS). In a statement released by the NGO, they said they are more than ever committed to the development of the country called Nigeria. As they are however ready to be in a logger head with anybody that who wish to stand on their way for what they truly believe in.

Photo Above; Lawal Mamman Daura.

In the statement released below, the group believe that with the fact and figure available at their disposal, they can sincerely confirmed the current DG of the DSS lawal daura as one of the silent cabals that is crumbling the success of the current administration led by the ex-general and the current president muhammadu buhari.

Read the statement;
Mallam Lawal Daura, DG State Security Service, I promise you that there is nothing personal between us. The only problem we have with you is that you are humorously corrupt, arrogant, inefficient, clueless, vision-less, and have propensity to show disregard for the rule of law. By our reckoning, you are the worst DG to ever head the SSS.

You see, our business at CUPS is to help fix Nigeria so that she realises here her full potential as one of the greatest countries on the planet. I am sure you know by now that when it comes to fighting corruption, and fending for Nigeria and Nigerian masses, we are NOT afraid of anybody, organisation or authority on the planet. We remain ferociously independent and incorruptible. We tell the truth, regardless of whose ox is being gored.

A manifestly corrupt DG of SSS, whose sole purpose in life is to amass wealth, is not going to help Nigeria by any stretch of the imagination. There is this false narrative that President Muhammadu Buhari is keeping you in office because you have “saved” his life on several occasions. Well, we don’t think so. We contend that it is the Almighty Allah who has been saving Buhari, not Lawal Daura! We hope and pray that Allah keeps saving Buhari. Amen.

Mallam Lawal Daura, if you think that our disdain for you is personal, what do you think your principal (President Buhari) and your employer (Nigerians) would think if we were to publish the list of assets you own, and your corrupt relationship with organisations like the CBN and foreign services?

The gospel truth is this; we care more about Nigeria and Nigerians than you have ever done in your whole life. You just happen to be one corrupt guy who keeps appearing on our radar, based on credible information furnished to us by your very own staff!

Finally, we wish you a swift recovery from your illness.

Dr. Iidris Ahmed.