Photo; See How Comedian AY Prays For His Fans- Saharacable

Comedian AY took to his Instagram handle to share a photo of himself in agbada and a powerful prayer for his fans.

He said:
”No roof stand without pillars, the power that lifted the heaven above the earth without pillars shall lift you up to the greater height of your life in Jesus name. I pray that the bridge linking you with failure, disgrace, shame and poverty is destroyed in Jesus name. The high and thick fence isolating you from your helpers shall be destroyed in Jesus name. From a debtor, you will become a creditor, from single to married, from employee to employer, from failure to success and from weakness to strength in Jesus name. I pray that every issue that makes you sad shall begin to vanish and events that will make you happy will begin to emerge in Jesus Wonderful name. Amen. Good morning and have a blissful day.�� Jesus cares for you……

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