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Many Nigerians that traveled to Russia for the World cup with intentions of staying back are presently stranded and are seeking for help to return to Nigeria. They have been camping in front of the Nigerian Embassy at Moscow.

Two brothers revealed their challenges to AFP saying that they were approached by some Nigerians who told them that they could become soccer stars but if their dreams were not actualized, they could easily find well-paying jobs in Russia. Each of them paid $300 for fan’s passport of the World Cup (Fan ID) and round-trip tickets which they used to travel to Russia.

The FAN IDs, which the Russian government issued for foreigners traveling to attend the FIFA World Cup, contains personal data and functions as a visa substitute during the tournament.

The siblings realized that they have been scammed once they arrived in Moscow. One of them said; “In Nigeria, we were told to call this phone number once in Russia but nobody picked up on the other end.” They spent three days in a hotel until they exhausted the cash they had.

They had no choice but to contact the Nigerian Embassy for help, but were turned away. They later went to a mosque were they were given food but were not allowed to stay overnight. They then slept at different parks in Moscow.

So they returned to the Nigerian Embassy once more and were told to contact the Russian NGO Alternativa, which works with victims of human smuggling and enslavement and is financed solely through donations. Fortunately for them, Alternativa was able to help the brothers by getting them in touch with Murat Harsiyev and Danier Tagiev, who run a small hostel on the outskirts of Moscow. Many Nigerians are currently at the embassy seeking for help to return home.

Tell me next time how these people will like to follow their country outside to cheer them up gain?

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