Wow! Tonto Dikeh Opens “ME Makeup Empire”

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Nollywood starlet Tonto Dikeh has launched her individual beauty line cosmetics. The mommy of one had earlier hinted her followers that very soon she will certainly be up with another thing, well that’s no more an information since she has actually just revealed her cosmetic line and she calls it ME Make-up Empire.
The ME Makeup Realm another source of producing revenue has her ex-husband had Quit her from broadcasting their child on her television show, stating it was for her very own personal advantage.

Tonto included in a movie labelled Dirty Key which created debate among Nigerians since the motion picture included countless adult scenes which at then was fairly alien in the Nigerian film market. While some slammed her duty for being renegade as well as un-African, others claimed that Dikeh was merely being professional.

After enjoying acting a number of films, Dikeh decided to try her hand in music though she had as soon as included in a video had by Amaco investments where she and Persistence Ozokwor were phoned call to mime the track. She made her launching by launching singles ‘Hello’ as well as ‘Itz Ova’ accomplishment Snypa. While lots of admired her effort, the tunes were tracked by conflict as critics particularly questioned her vocal ability.