Dele Momodu Says By 2019, Buhari Will Be Too Tired To Run Nigeria

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Dele Momodu, publisher of Ovation Magazine, says President Muhammadu Buhari will be too “tired” to run

a “complex” nation like Nigeria at the age of 76.

He said Buhari should not seek re-election in 2019 because “Nigeria needs a man with full stamina”.

According to Momodu, Nigeria’s president must not be above 65 years old and since Buhari is much older than that, he should step aside in 2019.

“I have no doubt in my mind that even if he does not want to run, some people are going to push him to run because their lives depend on it.

If he goes, they are gone. But unfortunately, I don’t know what he is enjoying in power again; God has

done everything for him,” Momodu told newsmen in an interview.

“He will be at least 76 years by next year; at that age, I believe he would be too tired to run a

nation as complex and as complicated as Nigeria. Right now, Nigeria needs a man with full stamina.

That is why I have written consistently in the last two months that there are certain things we must do

urgently to rescue Nigeria from total collapse.

“One, we must not have anyone above 65 years old in power. That is the retirement age.

I’m going to be 58 years old this year and I already feel like I am getting old.

Now imagine what it is like for a man close to 80 years old.

“Two, I believe that we should forget about zoning because it is not part of our constitution, so any

qualified Nigerian who is distinguished, accomplished, well educated and well exposed should be allowed to run.

Why do we want to prevent our best brains from contesting for the most important office in the country?

I think if Nigerians are serious, the time has come for them to kill zoning before it kills Nigeria.

“I believe that the next President must be very well exposed, educated and communicate in the language of today.

That is why I said that the best legacy the President can give us is for him to search for a worthy

successor; even though, it is his right to contest for a second term, but it is not every right that you must claim.

“Even if people are pushing you, you should know that they are pushing you because of their own selfish interest.”

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