Flooding To Get Worse In Nigeria- Saharacable

Earliar this year heavy rains and thunder storms triggered havoc in Lagos, Nigeria’s economic nerve folcrum and one of Africa’s most populous cities.

residents woke up in numerous parts of the city to find their streets and homes flooded as well as their property, consisting of cars and other valuables, immersed.

Pictures and videos later posted online showed dramatic and even bizarre scenes of flooding in the city, including the capture of a crocodile in the floodwater. Another video, which went viral, was one of a man kayaking in floodwater on one of the streets.

Lagos has not been alone. Suleija, a town near the capital city Abuja hundreds of kilometres away, suffered its own flooding challenge in early July.

Heavy rains washed houses away and caused others to collapse, trapping occupants. Thirteen people were reported to have died.

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