Obasanjo’s Comments About PDP Unfair Says Bishop Adeoye

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A Pentecostal Bishop, Rt. Rev. Seun Adeoye has condemned the remarks made by former President Olusegun Obasanjo about the current state of the major opposition party in the country, the Peoples Democratic
Party (PDP), saying such comment betrayed his elder statesman’s
Bishop Adeoye of Sufficient Grace and Truth Ministry (SGTM), Rehoboth Arena, Okinni, Osun State described Obasanjo’s comments as unfair to a party which gave him the opportunity to rule Nigeria for eight years.
The cleric in a statement in Osogbo on Sunday, March 05, 2017 explained that for Obasanjo to describe PDP as “dead, sunk and gone” showed he was ungrateful to a party which gave his life back after his
release from prison in 1998. “Reading through history, we remembered that Obasanjo was jobless, broke and in a state of hopelessness after his released from prison until leaders of PDP approached and persuaded him to come and contest
as its presidential candidate?
“This Obasanjo did not know how the party was formed but fortunately benefited from the same PDP than any other person. I know if he was part of the formation, he will never pray for its demise. I think as a
Christian, Chief Obasanjo should know how to use his month properly in
the public.
“Why must he want the party dead by all means? If Nigerians are condemning the 16 years of PDP rule, it is on record that Obasanjo had eight years of it. So, he is as guilty of any other person in the
party who allegedly run Nigerians down.
“While the PDP members have the right to defend their party, some of us who are not politicians should be able to tell Mr. Obasanjo that he was only misusing his privileged position to destroy a party that
contributed to what he is today.
“Will Obasanjo be talking about Obasanjo’s library if not for his presidential status that made several people to contribute millions of naira to that project? If PDP dead, under which platform will he says
he ruled Nigeria?
The cleric predicted that PDP will not die but will live longer than the man who wished it dead.