Samsung Reportedly Planning Two More Foldable Phones- Saharacable


Samsung is planning two more foldable phones with significantly different designs to the upcoming Galaxy Fold, according to a report in Bloomberg. While the Galaxy Fold has a tablet-sized inner screen that unfolds like a book, one of the new phones reportedly has a large screen that wraps around the outside of the device like Huawei’s Mate X, and the other is said to be a vertically-oriented clamshell phone with a smaller external display.


The clamshell phone, which sounds similar to Lenovo’s potential design for the upcoming foldable Motorola RAZR, is planned for release in late 2019 or early 2020, according to Bloomberg’s sources. The Mate X-style device will reportedly follow.


The Galaxy Fold is set for release in April, meanwhile, but Samsung is apparently still working on its durability, with the visible crease that can develop on the screen a particular area of concern. One person told Bloomberg that the company is even considering offering free screen replacements.

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