SON arrests two Chinese for importing N5bn fake tyres

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The Standards Organization of Nigeria has captured two Chinese nationals, Taolung Shen and Xu Jing Yau, who were said to have managed in substandard tires worth over N5bn into Nigeria.
The suspects, as per an announcement on Sunday, were paraded taking after their capture, and the fixing of the distribution center where they had been cloning diverse sizes of tires under various brand names.
The suspects, the announcement included, produced the substandard tires into the Nigerian market under brand names, for example, Powertrac, Aptany, Harmony, Duraturn, Bearway, City Tour, Winda, Glory, Chachland, City Grand, Grandsonte and Sunny.

Based on SON statement, the suspects brought the substandard tyres into Nigeria by stuffing them into one another.
“Sometimes as many as five tyres were stuffed into one and the tyres would have bent and ruptured in several places, thereby looking weak and slack.
“But the Chinese adorned the tyres with new labels and shinny linings to create the impression of being new and healthy,” SON said.
A portion of the tires found in the distribution center had post-dated assembling dates.

The organization’s Director General, Osita Aboloma, who led columnists round the distribution center, portrayed the tires as dead on landing, saying permitting the offer of such tires in the nation added up to “surreptitiously taking without end the lives of a large number of Nigerians.”

He watched that by stuffing the tires into each other and passing on them through the ocean from China to Lagos, the nature of the tires had as of now been traded off.

Aboloma additionally noticed that the rough way the tires were isolated on entry in Nigeria and the poor storeroom, without adequate air circulation, in the stockroom had additionally traded off their quality.

“The SON Directorate of Compliance intercepted one of their trucks on the highway, tracked it and then this.
You can see the amount of danger that these people are posing to our people and our economy just because they want to make huge profit at the expense of the lives of Nigerians.
It is a clear case of investing millions in illicit business in order to take away the lives of millions of Nigerians, to destroy the lives of millions of Nigerians. If we allow something like this, it will amount to killing Nigerians,” Aboloma stated.

The DG said there would be no concealing spot for individuals who managed in contaminated items in the nation.
“I want to reiterate that there is no hiding place for those who deal in substandard products as they would be caught and their products confiscated. Today’s feat is an example,” he said.
Aboloma educated clients with respect to car tires across the nation on the should be additional wary when making buys of such items.
He asked tire clients to from this time forward request that merchants show the assembling dates on the receipts, to make the dealer assume liability on any item sold by them.