Whatever That Is Causing Pain To BankyW Should Come For Me Instead – Oluwo Of Iwoland

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The Oluwo of Iwoland, Oba Abdurasheed Akanbi made this decree in a post on his main Instagram page today in response to BankyW’s revelation that he had a succesful surgery on cancer tumours found in his skin.

I am not the King only God is the King but by the grace, power and privilege that He uses to allow me to answer to His name, The Authority that nobody on earth and heaven can question (ASE KABI O KOSI) ….. God says “mala kuntun kuli sheyi wa ileyi turijauna” Quran 36 verse 83 (all what I created will come back to me) By that Authority that Crowned me.
I decree today that all the sins that makes you to go through all these surgeries and sickness should be forgiven, all the spirits that causes the cancer, pain,sorrow,sickness and all what brings you down at the height of your career which keeps reappearing every time should come and afflict me!! Today, you are now free of any reoccurrence of all these afflictions and it is hereby substituted with good health,new glory and successful life that brings happiness than ever before imagined in your life, all these I decreed with the power no one can question (ASE KABI O KOSI) !!!!!